Search Engine Optimization in FriscoYou may have had a web site designed and built by someone that claimed to be experienced. They put a lot of information on the site, added pictures of your business and all the information someone would need to contact you and maybe even order off the site. If you’re not getting a lot of traffic, and by a lot we mean hundreds or thousands of unique visitors every day, then what does it matter? The most beautiful site in the world will do you no good if it can’t be found.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization matters more than the aesthetics of the site. So, why does SEO matter so much? It’s really quite simple and it revolves around two very important numbers. First is the amount of traffic that search engines like Google generate. There are literally billions upon billions of searches done by billions of people all day, a good percentage of those searches ends with the searcher finding someones web site and clicking through to it. That said, ranking high on the Google search results is imperative to getting new visitors to your site.

SEO is so very important because, according to experts in the field, the top spot in any Google search for any subject will garner a third of the traffic. It dramatically drops to only 18% for the number two spot. What’s even more profound is that the first page of Google search results get 92% of the total traffic. Once you get past the first page, it continues to decline and by page three, you’re only going to average 1% or less. The real deal on SEO is that, when done properly, it gets your site on the first page, and possibly ranked first. That means more traffic, more potential for sales and a higher potential for big profits down the line.

A professional that understands how important SEO is to every web site can help you to maximize the keywords that your site uses to ensure the highest rank possible all the time. It’s not something you set and forget, it’s an ongoing process that will evolve as your site evolves. Hire the right people to do the job, don’t try and do it yourself or you might end up feeling like you’re spinning your wheels. Getting ranked highly on Google is like getting the biggest billboard on the busiest street in town. Everybody notices. Anything less is like having a tiny sign on an abandoned road that nobody ever sees.